Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Dreaded Slump

I'm in a slump.  I know it.  Just the idea of going to the gym just makes me want to hide- preferably under the covers with a good book and a bag of Oreo's.  And recently, I have let myself be indulgent if I'm being honest.  Well, sort of indulgent.  Shortly, I have house guests arriving and one of them has allergies, one of the worst of which is my cat.  Therefore, I have been cleaning like a madwoman (burning calories doing it, of course) and tearing out carpeting to help eliminate some of the fur.  So many things like washing cabinets and walls that often go undone in my household for long periods of time, are now done.  Certainly, I am no neat freak as anyone who knows me can attest to.  But people will be living  with me, not just visiting!  I thought some extra effort was in order.  Regardless, the house is far from perfect and it will remain that way.

All of this cleaning has conveniently allowed me to take time off from the gym.  The cleaning has to be done sometimes and right now, I am calling it 'prioritizing.'  True, I'm not melting into my couch with a tub of ice cream, but the calorie burn of housework is not nearly what it needs to be for me to make progress.  Thus continues my slump.

It seems that many of my friends that are on the journey to weight loss have hit a similar rough patch.  We all seem to be taking a step back, reevaluating what we are doing and starting again.  That's the point, right?  We have always been taught that when we get knocked down, it is time to get back up, dust ourselves off and start moving forward again.  That's my plan.  I haven't quite worked out the nitty gritty details.  Some plan, huh?

However, I figure the fact that I am now recognizing the slump for what it is, is that all-important first step.  Step two?  Get my ass movin'!  I'm going to shoot for working out a minimum of four times a week for now and see how that affects things.  Step three will be tweaking the diet. I hate this part most.  Food and I?  We're BFF's.  Food and my waistline?  Not on such good terms.  Luckily, I have learned to eat salad for lunch and keep the calorie count around 400, so I haven't gained much weight back, but I'd like to nip these sneaky couple of pounds in the bud before they call for reinforcements.

The Dreaded Slump seems to grab everyone at one time or another.  I'm not any different.  Now it's high time for me to get back up, brush the crumbs off my shirt, and start making my way to the gym again.  And I think that's a damn good start!

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  1. Due to financial issues, I've put my gym membership on indefinite hold for now. But I feel ya. I was doing so well on not drinking soda, and then went camping a few months ago, and that went down the drain. Just got back from a vacation with the boyfriend's family, where we ate for crap. I. Have. Got. To. Get. Back. Into. Things. However, now that we seem to be on a normal sleep schedule, I think I'm going to start getting up when Chris leaves for work (530am) and do my jillian michaels dvd.

    p.s. another blog you might want to check out: http://www.skinnyfatlife.com/ (it's an acquaintance from school & work)