Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I am MORE than My Weight

That's right, you heard me critics!  I am more than my weight.  I know what you see on the outside is a thick, curvy woman, but try to remember that I am also a coworker, a friend, a wife and a good person.

Try to remember that when you stop me in the ladies' room to ask me if I am pregnant that all I want to do is hide and cry because, no, I most definitely am not pregnant but now my belly is all I can think about.

Try to remember that when you call me fat that I have other things going on in my life and sometimes those things get in the way of my weight loss journey.

Try to remember that I work hard all day and dedicate myself to being my best, not just to being skinny.

Try to remember that bullying is even more ridiculous coming from what is supposed to be a grown adult.

Try to remember that just because you are thinner than I am, it does NOT make you better than me.

Try to remember that lifting people up is more rewarding than beating them down.

Try to remember that I am first and foremost a real, live human being with real, live feelings.

I will try to remember that if you need to insult me to make yourself feel better, you and your silly opinion is not worth worrying about and that I am indeed MORE than my weight.

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