Friday, February 17, 2012

SCALE it down

I have an almost daily battle with my scale.  I know that the numbers aren't always an accurate way to monitor my progress.  But it sure as hell seems like it should be.  If I didn't work out at all before other than one night of volleyball a week (sometimes followed by copious amounts of beer and fried foods) and now I work out 3-4x a week for an hour each session, shouldn't I be losing weight?  Maybe my math is off, but to go from 45 minutes of physical activity to 180 or 240 minutes... shouldn't I be coming out on top?  Even if I didn't change my eating at all, shouldn't all of the additional calories I burn show up in my favor somewhere?  Apparently not.  The weight loss math, I do not understand.  I never have.

What is the best way to determine my healthy weight?  Should I look at a weight-height chart?  I sure hope not because it tells me I should weight 50-60 lbs less than I do now.  Sheesh!  That seems like an insurmountable task!  And what would I look like at that weight?  In my head, I picture a skeletal version of myself.  Please understand that I do NOT want to lose all of my curves!  They make me, well... me.  I just want to be a healthier, more svelte version of me.  A version not brought to tears by the thought of wearing a bathing suit.  Am I right, ladies!?  Damn instruments of torture is what they are!  Men get to wear baggy, board shorts and we get stuck in string bikinis.  String, people. As in hiding nothing.  Ah yes, all the ways life just isn't fair.  let's face it though, it never will be.

I'd like to know what the best weight is for me to be healthy, not to be a stick figure.  This journey really is about being healthier and happier, not just thinner.  If there is an equation out there that can help me find what my true goal weight should be- I'd like to know it.  Wouldn't you?


  1. hey HeidI!

    Just an honest thought. Dont take this wrong or anything please. This is coming from someone who used to work out ALOT. (which i should probably start doing more of)

    So.. your not seeing any weight loss? I could give you a better answer. What kind of work out are you doing? My suggestion is do some serious freaking cardio. and if the gym aint working. invest in the p90x and do the lean based version. if the p90x cant help you lose weight then you need to see a doctor.

    secondly, because were women (once again, we get the shit end) as we get older, it is so hard for us WOMEN to lose freakin weight. its tragic. and as we get older, we have to watch what we eat very carefully. Im 22 and my metabolism seriously stopped a year ago. And to be honest you look good. you think i look good. BUT when we look at ourselves in the mirror we are like AHHH who is that!!! lol so my point...

    you really have to be strict on what your eating. if you are really serious about losing weight, which it seriously seems like you are,u have to eat strictly.

    That means you need to eat LOTS AND LOTS of dark green vegetables. Throw tons of onions and tomatoes on there. Avacadoes (not guacomole) but slice avacadoes are healthy too. Those are the good fats. NOOO fried bready stuff. Cut out beer and drink some vodka with cranberry juice or dirnk half the beer u usually drink. No eggs and bacon and toast with butter for breakfast. Eat some oatmeal. CUT out sugar. Sugar is a big deal. Drink lots of water, no soda. Lots of coffee is good but NOOO cream and sugar! drink it black. Eat less red meats. And more fish and lean lean chicken. Cut out cheese (i know that sucks) whole grain pastas instead of regular kind. No processed food. Fresh fruits and vegetables. Im serious. if you eat like this you should see a difference.

    Not trying to boss you around or anything lol
    just trying to help. you must feel so discouraged because you havent seen anything.

    Well good luck to you anyways!!! and shoot if u ever wanna know about workouts call me!

    love you

  2. You make some very good points Antoinette. I appreciate all of your feedback! I am hoping this blog just becomes a safe place for all of us to air our dirty laundry so to speak. :) Feel free to "follow" this and see all of my craziness unfold!

    Love you back!