Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I will be better someday, but as for today? I'm just me.

This blog is going to be all about my crazy struggles with weight loss and all the chaos that ensues.  I promise to try to be 100% honest and show my warts and all.  I'd love for this to be a place where I can stop sucking it in, finally breathe normally and 'let it all hang out.'  Just be me.  I will be better someday, but as for today?  I'm just me.  I have attempted this journey multiple times and this time, I feel like I am doing more and seeing less results.  I am getting older.  I know.  BUT, that can't be the sole reason I flounder because I have several close friends that are older than I and seeing amazing progress.  The idea of a blog is recent, and I confess that I don't know a whole lot about blogging.  Today, that all changes.  Not tomorrow, like I so often promise myself about my eating habits.  Just last night I allowed myself to have a handful (or 2) of Doritos saying "it's ok because I have crazy cravings this week because I have my bleepin' period."  Yeah.  I'm the queen of rationalization.  I have MyFitnessPal as an app on my phone.  I track my calories!  Well, up until I derail so badly I want to cry.  Then I pretend that tomorrow is a new day and that no matter what, I'll be better then. Fingers crossed. I have started going to the gym (truthfully, I started almost exactly a year ago and have lost 3 lbs.)  I go faithfully 3-4x a week.  I watch what I eat and make healthier choices most of the time.  I hope this blog will be what my sis-in-law Britt (she gave me permission to use her name) and I wanted to start with the women in our family just a few months ago.  Almost everyone struggles with losing weight.  Trust me, it isn't JUST you.  It's me too.  Here I hope we can comiserate, celebrate each others triumphs and lend support.

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  1. I will scream my name from the rooftops if it means that I can vent about weight loss frustration, share funny stories and just feel like someone understands. (And not stupid Jillian Michaels who says she hates to work out and loves to eat like crap-shut up!) I am similar to Heidi. Started a little over a year ago after letting myself WAY go and while I have seen progress, it is not what I wanted and I often think back to the days where all I had to do was skip a meal on weekends and I would lose 5 pds. The part that really gets me is that I didn't even appreciate it then!! But will I appreciate it now if I ever get "there"? (Wherever there is) Will I just want more? Can I ever eat ranch dressing again without it turning into the likes of a heroin addiction??