Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wedding as a Motivation?

I have been trying to motivate myself more lately.  In short, it's not working.

I have a wedding coming up... MINE!  But still I am finding myself lacking in the motivation department.  I refrained from buying my dress too small to get my butt in gear.  (Not that I had a choice... the floor model IS my dress.  Last of it's kind.)  In fact, my dress fits perfectly as is.

Truly what I want to look better in my dress is not only shrinking my waistline (certainly couldn't hurt!) but having my arms and back look better in it.  After all, that's mostly what people see.  And I am dreading the possibility of back-fat dripping over the top of my dress.  And the armpit fat.  What the hell is that anyway!?

Here lies my predicament:  I despise weight training.  And the machines at the gym might as well have come from Mars along with men.  They should be easy with the diagrams, but having all of those buff people wandering around snickering when I am using a leg machine for my arms doesn't help my confidence level.  I know there are people to ask during the day, but I often go to the gym after-hours and don't know that I'd have the nerve to ask.  I know, I am a gutless wonder.

So, I am going to challenge myself to learn at least one new machine every month between now and the wedding.  I have some time, but that runs out faster than I anticipate, so I might as well get started.  No time better than the present as they say!  Or was it 'no present better than time?'

Either way, the best present I will give myself is a better wedding photo (other than a handsome-as-hell hubby).  Then maybe I'll be able to hang one on my wall.  Maybe.

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