Friday, January 4, 2013


This year, I have resolved not to make any resolutions.  Not only did the New Year pass without me even noticing between family events and my engagement!!  But I think not setting myself up for disappointment this year is the way to go.

I now have a wedding to plan and save for.  That alone is a daunting task.  Feeling guilty a few months from now when I miss a day at the gym or eat something fried and smothered in butter is not something I am going to have time for this year.

Of course I want to slim down for my wedding, but the last few days of being sick and waking up late have even had me forgetting my beloved FitBit at home.  Clipping it on my jeans had become second nature, but even that has gone by the wayside.  Feeling bad about it?  Yes I am.  For now.  But I am choosing to let it go.

I guess I have made a resolution after all.  I resolve to be human.  I resolve to make mistakes.  I resolve to make a note of those mistakes, and then let them go.

A very wise, beautiful, amazing woman (Thank you, Grams!) once told me that by your 35th birthday, you are too old for guilt trips.  I guess I am a little ahead of my time.

If you have made resolutions, good for you!  Do your best.  If sometimes you fall short, so be it.  You deserve to live a guilt-free life.  We all do.  We cut our friends, families, coworkers, bosses and countless others some slack.  Now it's time we do that same favor for ourselves.

Guilt trips be gone!

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